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I am a mother of three children and as a Chiropractor I worked up to and including the day I delivered each baby!  Regular Chiropractic treatments, massages and orthotics really made the difference for me and I often comment to patients that keeping active made me feel less "pregnancy related aches".  I had always heard that "each pregnancy is different" and having done it three times I can definitely agree with this statement.  I now enjoy working with pregnant women and am able to impart some first hand experience into what worked and didn't work for me.  And, perhaps most importantly all the treatment options I can do for pregnant women, I have had myself! 

I work within each individual's comfort level at all stages of pregnancy.  I use a pregnancy pillow so that she can lie face down while I do a part of the treatment - a rare treat especially as the belly grows.  Most women comment that they do not want to leave!  If you have never considered a chiropractor, I would encourage you to do so not just as it may help with pregnancy related back pain, sciatica, pubic symphysis discomfort but treatment also helps to properly align the pelvis optimizing the passage of your baby.

Back Pain During Pregnancy
Research indicates that 50% of pregnant women experience back pain and 10% report such severe discomfort that it significantly interferes with their daily routines (1). Why? Weight gain during pregnancy increases the stress on your back, feet, ankles and knees.  The growing belly also pulls your body’s centre of gravity forward adding pressure to the discs and joints of the low back and pelvis. Pregnancy hormones act directly on the ligaments, in particular the ones that hold the pelvis together, loosening them in order to allow the baby to pass through the vaginal canal. When you consider the awesome changes that occur as your body prepares for the arrival of a baby, it’s no wonder that women who have never suffered from back pain may suffer when pregnant.  But there’s hope!

Chiropractic and Pregnancy
Chiropractic treatment tries to optimize the positioning of the pelvis joints, muscles and ligaments.  In doing so, it may reduce uterine constraint allowing more room for the developing baby and optimizes the size of the vaginal canal for the impending passage of the baby.  So instead of just “living with it” consider chiropractic care – it’s gentle and comfortable no matter what your stage of pregnancy.  In addition to chiropractic treatment,
Dr. Sarah Racicot uses a specific muscle and ligament release technique this is extremely helpful in alleviating the achy feeling that can occur in the hips and buttocks.  A special pregnancy pillow is used and accommodates mom's growing belly so that she can enjoy a portion of the treatment while lying face down!

Relief From Post Partum Back Pain
Considering the physical demands of pregnancy it is not uncommon for women who never had back pain to suffer following delivery lasting up to one year. Why?  We often underestimate the demands placed upon our bodies during pregnancy and the time it takes to recuperate.  Frequently women comment that although they have returned to their pre-pregnancy weight their clothes do not fit the same and often cite a change in pelvic shape as the culprit.  This alteration in pelvic alignment has a dramatic affect on the rest of the body – starting from the feet upwards and can result in ongoing low back pain.  Addressing these naturally occurring post partum issues sooner rather than later makes for a more enjoyable transition into motherhood!                         
Back Pain and Parenting
How many times per day do you… strap a child into or out of a car seat? Lift a child into or out of a crib? Push or pull a stroller?  Bend and reach into a bathtub?  Play on the floor without back support? Bend to pick up a child?  Sit in kid-sized furniture?  Carry a child on your hip?  Bend to clean up toys?  Is your back tired yet??… and it’s just the morning!! 

If you have lost count of the number of times you perform these tasks each day, chances are you may be at risk of developing or are already suffering from parenting-related pain syndromes.  However, there is no room for back pain in parenthood.  

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