Kids Too!

Chiropractic is wonderful for Kids!

Reasons why Chiropractic for Kids makes sense:
Aside from optimizing health through wellness, typical reasons why parents bring their infants and children to a chiropractor are that chiropractic may help in the treatment of:  ear infections, general irritability or fussiness, failure to latch on when nursing, constipation, colds, weakened immune system, bed wetting, frequent spitting up, torticollis (strained neck), and colic, etc…  It’s gentle enough that some children, including my own can sleep through the treatment!! 

Appropriate at what age?
My children receive their first chiropractic treatment when they are just hours old and continue on a regular basis!!  Aside from prevention, I use chiropractic as my “first line of defence” when I see irritability, constipation, digestion issues, onset of colds, etc.  Often they sleep through the treatment.  Clinically, I see the greatest and quickest change in infants or children as compared to adults. Why? Their body seems far more receptive to chiropractic and they have not yet had the years of daily living “wear and tear” as adults. 
Children have SPINES too!!
It is wonderful, appropriate for all ages and the first therapy I resort to.  But why?  Children have SPINES too!!  From their beginnings they spend a substantial amount of time confined in a fluid filled sac in mom’s tummy only to be squeezed and yanked out of the birth canal.  This welcome to the world can be rather traumatizing.  Then for the better part of a year they try to balance a proportionately large head as they navigate and coordinate themselves from crawling to walking.  I think you get my point here… from their perspective it is a very physically challenging endeavour. 

How are infants and kids Adjusted?
This seems to be every parent’s biggest concern… that of how do you adjust them?  When adjusting infants and young toddlers no rotation is used and the force being applied is reduced - only enough to blanch a fingernail.  In other words, it is the amount of pressure that can be comfortably applied to your own eyeball without hurting it.  It is very calming. Often times after being adjusted infants fall asleep. 

Consider chiropractic as part of you “medicine cabinet” for you and your child’s health. Rather than being just another trip to the doctor’s office…make it a “Wellness Visit”.  Since our attitude and habits regarding health care begin before we can talk, it is important to develop an early understanding that prevention is the key to future good health!  


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Source: Dynamic Chirorpactic and Canadian Chiropractor