Myofascial Release

During my Chiropractic clinical residency I realized that not every patient is a candidate for chiropractic or wants to receive it and as such, I decided that another "tool" in my toolbox would be of benefit.  The tool I chose was Trigenics - a type of muscle or myofascial release therapy (ART is another type) that addresses muscle strain, injury and soft tissue adhesions. It compliments a chiropractic treatment but can also act as a stand alone treatment.

Why treat Muscles?
With repetitive use, strain or injury muscles become short and tight thus restricting movement of the underlying joint.  Furthermore, from a biomechanical perspective,  whenever a muscle is shortened its ability to generate strength is also compromised.  The surrounding muscles then begin to work "overtime" to compensate and with time also become strained and irritated as indicated by the diagnosis of bursitis or tendinitis.

Different than a Massage?
Unlike a massage in which the individual is at rest, this requires that the patient actively contract and lengthen a given muscle while the practitioner releases it.  Pre and post muscle strength testing of each given muscle, allows the patient to note increased strength following a treatment.  

Who can benefit?

This technique can be used to prevent or rehabilitate an injury (new or old).  Appropriate for children, seniors, athletes and while pregnant.   Common conditions that may respond well: headaches, migraines, jaw pain, neck & back pain, shoulder injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer & tennis elbow, hip pain, piriformis syndrome, IT band syndrome, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, hamstring & calf strains and ankle sprains.  


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